Experimental stations of the Estonian Environmental Observatory provide different services related to environmental measurements and problems for scientists, state authorities, and other interested sides. Variety of analytical instruments, equipment and rooms is available in the stations, as well as collected and analyzed data. Contacts of the stations and related institutions are available at the network page.

Atmosphere and biosphere

SMEAR station at Järvselja

  • Renting of measurement mast of SMEAR research station for installation of lightweight instrumentation and communication equipment. Air temperature and humidity sensors.

  • Offering environmental measurements of SMEAR research station and data analysis for conducting environmental.

  • Offering the results and data analysis of atmospheric aerosol and air ion size distribution, radon concentration and gamma radiation intensity measurements for conducting environmental studies.

  • Training for the use and maintenance of measuring equipment of the SMEAR research station at Järvselja.

  • In addition to the measurement data, a more complex data analysis of environmental parameters is also offered for investigation of the interaction between the forest ecosystem and the atmosphere.

  • Analyzers of atmospheric trace gases CO/CO2/CH4/H2O concentrations
  • Analyzers of atmospheric greenhouse gases CO2/H2O concentrations
  • Analyzers of atmospheric polluting gases NO/NO2/NOx concentrations
  • Laser absorption gas analyzer
  • 3D ultrasonic anemometers Usonic3 Class A
  • Measurement system of solar irradiation spectrum
  • Infra-red light measurement system
  • Air temperature, humidity and air pressure sensors
  • Soil gas-exchange measuring system
  • Soil moisture measurement system
  • Automatic system of air sampling
  • Shoot chamber system
  • Neutral cluster and Air Ion Spectrometer NAIS
  • Aerosol particle spectrometer SMPS (Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer)
  • Aerosol particle aerodynamic spectrometer APS (Aerodynamic Particle Sizer)
  • Wide range aerosol particle spectrometer (FMPS + OPS)
  • Nanoparticle spectrometer A11 nCNC

Rõka Experimental Station

  • Offering of the infrastructure of Rõka Station for carrying out research.

  • Performing scientific experiments at the FAHM site.

  • Possibilities to use in co-operation experimental ecosystems, scientific equipment, and lab facilities for climate experiments; also measurement of greenhouse gas fluxes with mobile Eddy-covariance systems at other experimental sites.

  • quantum sensors (LI-190SZ-50 Quantum sensor)
  • pyranometers
  • anemometers (electromechanical and ultrasonic)
  • portable radiometer
  • tipping bucket rain gauges
  • soil temperature sensors
  • equitensiometers for soil water potential measurements
  • dataloggers for saving environmental data
  • equipment for soil respiration measurements
  • leaf wetness sensors
  • leaf temperature probes
  • Scholander-type pressure chambers
  • automatic dendrometers
  • sap flow systems
  • shoot chambers
  • portable instruments for measuring leaf optical properties
  • porometers for measurement of stomatal conductance
  • chlorophyll fluorometers
  • portable photosynthesis systems
  • analyser of greenhouse gases
  • NOx measurement system
  • CO2/H2O analyser with water vapour calibration

Valgjärve TV-mast

  • Providing the measured environmental parameters and data analysis based on them for environmental investigations and assessment.

  • Enabling the sub-mast experiments.

  • The equipment facilitates the precise monitoring of physical properties of the atmospheric boundary layer, for validating the short- and middle-range weather forecast models.


Land ecosystems

Puhtu-Laelatu stations

  • Use of Puhtu station for field and laboratory research activities.

  • Use of Laelatu station for field and laboratory research activities.

  • Use of Puhtu-Laelatu stations for environmental education activities.

  • Laboratory equipment
  • Laboratory rooms

Jõhvi Monitoring Station

  • Use of Jõhvi Research Station Infrastructure for conducting research in North-East Estonia.

  • Use of Jõhvi Research Station Infrastructure to popularize science.

  • Use of coolers and refrigerators (group) for storing samples.

  • Sample pre-treatment (drying, weighing).

  • Microscopy (pair of light and stereomicroscopes).

  • Use of FTIR gas analyzer (single - can only be used for one purpose at a time).

  • Use of ecohydrological station (single).

  • Measurement of photosynthesis and fluorescence (single).
    Computers (group).


Water ecosystems

Keri marine station

  • Collection of different data about marine environment in Gulf of Finland.

  • Data processing and specific software development.

  • Collection of water samples, testing of measurement tools.

  • Equipment for measurements in coastal environments
  • Equipment for measurements in from ships
  • Meterological equipment

Kõiguste station

  • Use of Kõiguste station for field and laboratory research activities.

  • Use of Kõiguste stations for environmental education activities.

  • Automatic measurement system of marine parameters

Geomatics and geoinformatics